Elite Fitness Diagnostics - Foundational. Test for Athletes, Fitness pros & Sports People

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Rs. 2,800.00
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About the Package:

To overcome the limitations, it is necessary to know what is the limit.

Whatever the efforts that is put or whatever the extreme it has been achieved, sometime it feels not enough for athletes and fitness pros who wants to outgrow their efficiency. Maybe the secret lies in the key bodily functions that determine endurance and stamina. For the fitness pros & athletes who are planning to up their performance baseline, the elite fitness-foundational test is all that they have to consider.

Who is it for?

Athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and whomever who want to improve their day-to-day physical performance. This test can be run for those who are planning weight loss, and those wanted to improve their endurance activities.

Why should you do Elite Fitness Foundational test?

Elite Fitness diagnostics looks into the crucial functions of the body includes energy & metabolism, nutrients & mineral level, performance hormone levels to identify the limitation in the body.

Energy & Metabolism:

Break it from the base. Know how efficiently your body generates energy from the nutrients that is provided. The body’s metabolism, breaks food into building blocks and subsequently into energy through various interconnected pathways. A slew of hormones plays a vital role in managing your metabolism of fat, carb, protein and how better energy production functions in your body.

Know about your cholesterol profile, fasting insulin and thyroid functions that play major role in energy production in the body.

Stamina & Endurance:

Muscular and cardiovascular endurance has a major role in your stamina. Through energy is created with or without oxygen optimum blood flow and oxygen transport is required for muscles and heart to regulate temperature, and supply nutrition.

Iron & Ferritin:

Iron helps in improving the immune function. Iron enhances the ability of white blood cells to engulf and kill bacteria and the body uses iron free-radicals to attack pathogens.

Ferritin helps in oxygen carrying capacity of blood that is necessary for the muscular and cardiovascular function.

The test also includes:

Along with the above parameters, this Elite Fitness- Foundational test also examines your essentials vitamins and minerals status that are essential for repairing damaged cells, improve immune system. It check your total protein, inflammation & recovery and organ health.