Homecare Kit

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What is Homecare Kit?

Be care ready to handle from everyday health issues to seasonal health issues with Resolute Homecare Kit

Being care-ready at home means being prepared to handle health issues beyond first aid. A regular first aid box with basic supplies won’t be a big help other than first aid. As your family’s health needs are wide-ranging and dynamic and change from time to time, it is better to have a comprehensive medicine box in the household.

Who is it for?

Resolute Homecare Kit is crafted for every household.

Why should you buy Resolute Homecare Kit?

Resolute Homecare Kit is curated by medical experts considering all the primary health situations that may arise at home. Along with first aid, this comprehensive medicine kit comes with medicines and supplies to handle,

  • Everyday health issues

  • Digestive health issues,

  • Fever

  • Pain

  • Cold, and other seasonal health issues

  • Travel first aid kit.

Also, this kit can be refilled when necessary. Assessing your preparedness level at home with Home Care Preparedness on the Resolute mobile app. Apart from calculating your preparedness level to handle various health issues at home, the app also lists out the medicines and supplies for your home care box.